Here you will find interesting information about what's happening on and around the most iconic rivers of Europe as well as the latest developments of the RIVER CRUISE APP.

2nd part of the River Main finished.

This route follows the River Main from Lohr am Main at kilometre marker 190 to Bamberg at kilometre marker 384. It covers the second part of the "W," including the "Main Dreieck". Click on the headline to read more.

Grüezi Switzerland!

The river Rhine between Basel and Mainz flows from South to North with France and the Vosges Mountains to the West and Germany and the Black Forest to the East. Click on the headline to read more.

Hidden gems in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a delta of three rivers, the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. This route follows the River Rhine via its main tributary, the Waal, which flows majestically through the nature reserve floodplain, crammed with bird colonies, before passing through the Netherlands' oldest city, Nijmegen. Click on the headline to read more.

Crossing more borders.

The Danube from Vienna to Budapest. After Vienna the Danube has to overcome one more lock before it flows freely towards Slovakia and Hungary through the Donauauen National Park, an enormous nature reserve with many rare species. Click on the headline to read more.

Updated version now available.

Improved user experience, several rivers added for both river cruisers and cyclists. More audio guides, tips & recommendations and general information. Now in the Appstore and on Google Play.

The River Main.

Back in time a frontier between the civilised Roman Empire and the barbarian Germanic and Celtic tribes. If you like to know more about its fascinating history and bright future as one of the outstanding waterways in Germany, then follow us and discover the hidden gems.

Main Danube Canal

The Rhine River system is separated from the Danube River system by a low mountain range near Nuremberg. From 1960 to 1992 a 171 kilometre or 106 mile long canal was constructed to link up these two river systems. This created a transeuropean navigable waterway, 3,500 kilometres or 2,175 miles long from the Dutch Port of Rotterdam on the North Sea to the Romanian Port of Sulina on the Black Sea. Click on the headline to read more

Rhine Valley Day Trip

We have finished the sensational Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Download the app and enjoy lots of free insiders' information. Click on the headline to read more.

Market launch!

Discover the hidden gems in Europe! Download the River Cruise App now in the App Store or on Google Play. Click on the headline to read more.

Koblenz to Mainz

Now available the River Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz. This section covers the complete Upper Middle Rhine, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a route that never ceases to amaze. Click on the headline to read more.

The Wachau Valley

This sublime section covers the River Danube from Passau to Vienna. Click on the headline to read more.

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