The River Cruise App is easy to use. Just download the App and select a river route segment. Almost immediately a long list of stories with accompanying audio tracks, lasting between 1 to 5 minutes, will appear.

It works offline and can be used everywhere. Availability offline means avoiding high roaming costs when used abroad and a regular clean up insures that the user can listen back to a point of interest without the mobile devise being cluttered with unnecessary data.

In general the River Cruise App is organized within 6 topics. Which gives you the oppurtunity to make a choice beforehand based on personal interests and only listen to what you want to hear. The general topics are:


For centuries man has used rivers as transport routes and along the waterways, settlements have sprung up and urban development was born. Development goes hand in hand with the advancement in technology and has become both a complex as well as a fascinating enterprise.

Urban development is determined by location and government, who in turn are heavily influenced by the interests of the public, industry and the environment. A tussle between human needs and desires has been the driving force behind this ever changing urban landscape; and the river that runs through it has remained the only constant factor over the centuries.


In order to maximise the use of the river for shipping, trade and subsistence man has been harnessing the waterways for centuries and in the course of doing so navigational laws and codes of conduct have evolved. Curbing mother nature also has repercussions as all man made structures are exposed to the forces of nature. Hydro technology has harnessed mother nature, but now modern technology is assisting her to create a sustainable way of water management so that man can live in harmony with the rest of nature.


Wars from the last century and their continuing impact on society. During 20th century conflicts high tech weaponry was used for the very first time. This has not only had an enormous visible, physical impact on the European continent and beyond, but on a hidden one as well, the European psyche .Travelling along the river we are still reminded of the horrors of these conflicts by the physical evidence left behind but also the positive side that of the exponential advancement in technological development.


History is not only told through historical facts, but also by the characters in the many legends that arose from the ancient structures found along the rivers. Legends are used as a source of folklore, providing historical information with regards to the culture and views of a specific community in a dramatic way.

Relive the past and separate fact from fiction.


There is no better way to get personal recommendations from the people who live and travel in the area you are visiting.


The river is nature’s life line and thus also that of man who first settled near the river using it as a source of food, a means of transport and as a natural protective border. While travelling along the river you will not only see a lot of urbanisation, but also a lot of flora and fauna either in its purest form or adjusted to the traces of man, because a large wildlife has evolved around farming for centuries. The biodiversity along the river is amazing whether it is in an agricultural area or in a nature reserve. Recently monoculture has threatened the flora and fauna in agricultural areas, but luckily many farming communities have gone back to traditional sustainable farming.

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